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Jennifer Carter (Buyers Agent)

Jennifer  Carter
541-653-6544 (Mobile)
I am an educated professional who enjoys helping people buy and sell real estate!

Originally from Missoula, Montana I grew up in Big Sky country. Hiking and exploring were just a few of the things I enjoyed doing there. It is such a beautiful state and I enjoy visiting as often as I can. I moved to Oregon 10 years ago to be with my family. I am a mother of three beautiful children who inspire me every day to be successful and enjoy the little things in life. We enjoy all of the hiking and beautiful scenery that Oregon has to offer, and are proud to call this place home.

For the past nine years I have been a certified nurse's assistant, working in skilled nursing facilities and in long term care. I have always enjoyed helping others achieve their goals and watching them grow. This has been a wonderful experience for me and has brought great joy to my heart. I have had the opportunity for the last year and a half to work with some amazing veterans at the Oregon Veterans Home of Lebanon. It has been such a wonderful experience and a great honor to be able to give back to those who have done so much for me. I have a passion for helping others and it brings me great joy to connect with people and their families. I have made many lifelong friends in this industry and am proud of the work I have done.

I am following my passion for people by becoming a real estate broker, and I can't wait to help others in a new way by leading them through the process of finding their new homes.

Jennifer Carter,

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